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GEO 818 Calcium Reactor

GEO 818 Calcium Reactor
GEO 818 Calcium Reactor
Internet pricing avaliable at our brick and mortar store.
Price: $674.95
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Product Description:

* All cell cast acrylic construction
* Clear lid to view proper O-ring seal
* Key hole slot for lid removal
* Micro ball valve effluent control
* Pan World external pump, bolted to base plate
* pH probe port in lid
* pH probe adapter included
* Auto fill bubble counter
* 13 x 14 foot print, 24" overall height
* Holds 24 pounds of media, we recommend large grain schuran type
* Well suited for Large SPS reef displays or commercial holding systems

The world famous GEO calcium reactor!

Our reactors are fabricated using only the finest cast acrylic materials and high quality fittings. Designed with the user in mind, we feel these are by far the easiest reactors on the market to install, operate and maintain. Bottom up flow of water captures free CO2 and draws it back into the pump. This means less gas in the reactor and less gas in the effluent. There is no need for a second single pass chamber with our design.

These reactors include all of the fittings and tube required for normal installation. The user will need to supply the media, CO2 equipment and feed pump.