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Green/Brown Branching Alveopora

Green/Brown Branching Alveopora
Green/Brown Branching Alveopora
SKU: 1010
Alveopora sp. 2"-3"
Price: $69.99
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The Branched Alveopora Coral is an LPS coral which is very similar to Goniopora sp. It has 12 tentacles on each polyp (Goniopora has 24) and is often green; when displayed under actinic lighting, it will glow. It is not an overly aggressive coral, but space should still be provided between itself and other corals. Its polyps can extend far past its base into the reef aquarium, where it can sting other species of corals. Clownfish are in direct association with the Branched Alveopora Coral and will often play in its polyps if no anemone can be found in the reef aquarium. Being easier to care for than Goniopora, any of the Alveopora species make a good alternate for the novice reef aquarist, who is seeking a coral similar to the hard to maintain Goniopora. The Branched Alveopora Coral requires low to moderate lighting combined with low water movement. For continued good health, it will also require the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water.