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HP-100 Booster Pump

HP-100 Booster Pump
HP-100 Booster Pump

Maintaining a stable pressure is one of the most important variables to ensure optimal performance of your water filter. Vertex™ HP Series booster pumps are made using high grade components to ensure maximum durability and total performance optimization. HP Series pumps are ideal for use on water sources with pressure below 40 psi such as private wells and high rise apartments.

Plug and play

Vertex™ HP Series booster pumps are supplied with all the necessary push to connect fittings and transformer. It will only take minutes to increase your system's performance and reduce your waste water production.

Whisper quiet

Utilizing advanced diaphragm technology and high quality bearings Vertex™ HP Series booster pumps run quietly while last longer. The shock absorbing mounts reduce the vibration and noise as well as minimizing the chance of micro-leaks from constant overexposure of fittings to vibration.

Robust construction and design

Sealed pump structure design protects pump from moisture and increase motor life while enables the user to mount the pump in any position. Vertex™ HP Series pumps are capable of boosting pressure to well over 80 PSI to ensure optimal use of your RO filter.

Exclusive Features

  • Metal construction.
  • Sealed pump head.
  • Rubber pump mounts.
  • Suitable for units up to 100 GPD

Technical Data

  • 1.35 liter per minute
  • 0.75 AMP, 24 V DC
  • Pressure setting 110 PSI
  • Push to connect fittings.
  • Footprint: 8.5"L x 4.5"W
  • Height: 4.5"
Price: $85.99
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