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ORA Hawkin's Blue Acropora Echinata

ORA Hawkin's Blue Acropora Echinata
ORA Hawkin's Blue Acropora Echinata
SKU: 50
ORA's Press Release- JUST RELEASED! HAWKINS BLUE ECHINATA We are proud to introduce another new coral for 2008 named after our coral facility manager, Robert Hawkins. History: This coral was acquired from a hobbyist in Germany . We began to work with it in 2006 after an extensive quarantine period. The completion of the new coral greenhouse facility allowed us to further expand production and offered the colonies more room for growth.

Description: Hawkins Echinata is a very delicate short branching coral that exhibits a turquoise to aquamarine coloration. The tips of the ORA Hawkins turn ultraviolet in color when under intense lighting. The absence of a protective slime coat on this coral’s tissue makes it more prone to drying out when out of the water and more sensitive to iodine based dips.

Placement: Middle - Top

Lighting: Medium - High

Flow: Moderate - Strong
Price: $69.99
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