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ORA Springer's Dottyback

ORA Springer's Dottyback
ORA Springer's Dottyback

Another beautiful dottyback from the Red Sea, Springer’s Dottyback is an excellent addition to the reef aquarium. Its coloration is black with blue lines running through the head region. Springer’s Dottyback is a very active, graceful swimmer, and is a joy to watch working their way around the rocky reef.

As with other dottybacks, P. springeri may be territorial and aggressive towards conspecifics. It is suggested that they be kept one per tank, unless paired or housed in a very large aquarium. Springer’s Dottyback is very hardy and easy to keep. Feeding frozen brine or mysis shrimp is best. Reproductive behavior is similar to the Orchid Dottyback.

Price: $39.99
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