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Pink Ricordea Yuma

Pink Ricordea Yuma
Pink Ricordea Yuma
Single Polyp - Local Aquaculture
Price: $59.99
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Ricordea yuma are beautiful Mushroom Corals. They are sensitive to being moved and shipping. Great care must be taken during the first few weeks in your aquarium. Upon receiving your Ricordea yuma you should carry out a 30-180 second dip in CoralRx or MelaFix Marine. Slow acclimation to your water parameters is needed as well. These Mushrooms should be slowly photo-acclimated to your lighting as well. Place them in a partially shaded or low light area for at least two weeks. After two weeks then can gradually be acclimated to more light.

Low to medium flow and medium light are its preferred long-term conditions. They are photosynthetic and will also benefit from weekly feeding of small zooplankton foods.