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Pocket Guide To Marine Fishes

Pocket Guide To Marine Fishes
Pocket Guide To Marine Fishes
PocketExpert Guide:
Marine Fishes

500+ Essential-To-Know Aquarium Species


LIKE A FIELD GUIDE to marine aquarium fishes, thePocketExpert Guide offers a quick reference for identifying, buying, and keeping more than 500 popular species. Designed as a compact but authoritative handbook on the fishes most often seen and kept by marine aquarists, this widely acclaimed PocketExpert is a must-have reference for all saltwater hobbyists and professionals.

Don't buy a fish
without it."

Dennis Reynolds,
Aqua Marines

Authoritative and up-to-date
More than 500 species photographs
Includes: Scientific and Common Names; Maximum Length; Range;
Minimum Aquarium Size; Foods & Feeding; Aquarium Suitability Index;
Reef Aquarium Compatibility; and Captive Care advice
Covers all popular & commonly seen fish species

Price: $29.99
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