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Reef Code B 500ml

Reef Code B 500ml
Reef Code B 500ml
The carbonate-bearing component of a two-part method for dosing calcium and carbonates (the substances largely responsible for increasing alkalinity ("buffering capacity")) in the same ratio as that found in natural seawater. Ionically-balanced with respect to natural seawater concentrations of calcium and carbonates when used in equal amounts with Reef Code A. Benefits reef-building organisms such as corals, clams, calcareous algae, etc. Simplifies calcium and alkalinity maintanence. Stronger than most competing products. Contains no phosphate, silicate, or organic material.
Guaranteed Analysis
Alkalinity or Buffering Capacity (min) 8,400 dKH (3,000 meq/L)
Active Ingredients
Inorganic Carbonate, Bicarbonate, Sulfate, and Borate salts.
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