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Super Reef Octopus XP1000 Hang-On-Back Cone Skimmer Red

Super Reef Octopus XP1000 Hang-On-Back Cone Skimmer Red
Super Reef Octopus XP1000 Hang-On-Back Cone Skimmer Red
  • Super Reef Octopus® XP1000S Hang on the Back Cone Skimmer
  • Dimensions: 12”x12”
  • Height: 22.5”
  • Rated up to 120gal
  • Features the Bubble Blaster HY1000S pump
  • Wattage: 15w
  • Air Draw: 540 L/H (19 SCFH)
  • High quality machine welded cast acrylic construction
  • High performance design: cone body, large bubble chamber, bubble plate, easy to remove collection cup, surface skim box, bubble diffuser, media chamber and output valve for precision control.
  • 3 year warranty on Bubble Blaster pump.1 year warranty on skimmer body. Lifetime warranty on support.
  • 7″ clearance required in the back of the tank & 2.75″ on the inside of the aquarium

The Super Reef Octopus XP-1000s HOB is the very pinnacle of Hang-On-Back protein skimmers. Here is a full filtration unit with all the latest innovations including the cone body. This is the very best DOC remover for a sump less saltwater aquariums up to 120 gallons.  Powered by our super efficient Bubble Blaster HY-1000 Pump.

Cone skimmers have been a huge hit for the last few years now. The benefit of the XP cone design is that it puts very little back pressure on the pump because there is little resistance from the base of the skimmer all the way up to the collection cup. Less resistance means more  skimming ability for the pump to work at its maximum output. We now have brought the cone design into a HOB skimmer.

Price: $379.99
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