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Copyrighted Content Usage Policy & Permission Requests

If you are interested in requesting permission to use any copyrighted content of this website for non-profit purposes, please read and follow the guidelines listed below. Thank you for your cooperation.

Reprint Requirements:

Reprints may only be requested for free-access, educational purposes only, and may not be sold, resold, or distributed in any print or electronic form where there is an exchange of money for information, including subscriptions or access fees. Permission to reprint must be obtained for each article/image to be reprinted or re-transmitted, prior to publication. Your request to reprint an article will be reviewed and you will receive notice of permission by e-mail or the postal service. All articles are copyrighted and must be reprinted as is, with no unapproved editing, additions, or alterations of the article from its original form.

Articles or images reprinted on a website must be credited to, and contain the following copy at the beginning or end of the page:

© 2010 Barrier Reef Aquariums LLC. Reprinted as a courtesy and with permission from

Barrier Reef Aquariums reserves the right to review examples of publications prior to or after granting permission, and retains the right to refuse or revoke reprint permission for any reason.

How to Request Reprint Permission Please send an email to that includes the following information:

  •  Full Name
  • Organization
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Publication/Web Site Where the article/image will appear
  • Links to Article(s) or Image(s) you would like to reprint

Unauthorized use of any images, thumbnails, illustrations, descriptions, article content, or registered trademarks of Barrier Reef Aquariums is strictly prohibited under copyright law.