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Volitan Lionfish

Volitan Lionfish
Volitan Lionfish
SKU: 7800
Pterois volitans ~3-4"
Price: $39.99
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The Volitan Lionfish is a beautiful -- and poisonous -- fish with long flowing feather-like dorsal and pectoral fins. These fish are white in color with dark red stripes and markings throughout their body and fins. They can be kept with any fish of the same size or larger. Small fish will likely be eaten. These fish like to be provided ledges, caves, or crevices where they can hang out during the day. These fish prefer to be kept only one per tank. The family of Lionfish is a group of fish that are world renowned for their beauty and ability to inflict pain. These fish have large flowing dorsal and pectoral fins that are occassionly webbed at the base. The poison these fish can inflict is shot out through their venomous spines from the glands in the long grooves of their fins. Lionfish like an area where they can hang out like a crevice or cave. These fish are nocturnal and prefer to hunt during nightime. Up to 12" full grown. Venomous: By purchasing this item you are aware that it is poisonous and deadly.