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Yellow Tang

Yellow Tang
Yellow Tang
Zebrasoma flavescens
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Zebrasoma flavescens brightens any marine system. The Yellow Hawaiian Tang is a hardy, active swimmer that will glide throughout your aquarium in near constant motion. Though most common to the reefs of Hawaii, the Yellow Hawaiian Tang's natural habitat is actually widespread throughout Indonesia and the Great Barrier Reef. For best care, it should be housed in an aquarium of at least 100 gallons with ample room to swim. Like other Tangs, this member of the Acanthuridae family demonstrates territorial aggression towards its own species, or Tangs in general. Therefore, it is best to keep just one Yellow Hawaiian Tang per aquarium, unless multiple Yellow Hawaiian Tangs are introduced into the system simultaneously. Other oval shaped Tangs should be added at the same time as aggression towards similarly shaped Tangs is common once territories are established. Although the Yellow Hawaiian Tang will eat meaty foods along with the other fish in the aquarium, it is important the Yellow Hawaiian Tang is offered plenty of marine based seaweed and algae. This will strengthen its immune system, reduce aggression and improve overall health. Offer dried seaweed tied to a rock or use a veggie clip, and feed at least three times per week. Sea Veggies, Seaweed Selects and Ocean Nutrition are all ideal products and are very easy to use. The Yellow Hawaiian Tang is a very common, extremely popular, and hardy addition to any fish-only or reef aquarium system. Small 1.5"-2"/Medium 2-2.5"/Large 3-4" All sizes are approximates.