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Barrier Reef Aquariums started in 1998 as an aquarium servicing business. In 2004, we began aqua culturing corals and anemones, and in December of 2006 we launched our website and opened our retail store in Renton, Washington. In 2021, we added freshwater planted aquariums, merchandise and livestock to our store. We strive to provide an inviting showroom with a friendly, low pressure atmosphere. Our goal is to educate each customer, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their reef tank system. Our staff (meet them here) is made up of hobbyists with many years of experience, and our merchandise is comprised only of products we use ourselves. One of our key focuses is supporting local, and worldwide aqua culture, as a means to preserve wild reefs, and support the local economy and hobbyist community.

Whenever possible we purchase captive bred coral frags and fish from local hobbyists, and businesses like ORA, ECC, ACI, Biota, Sea & Reef and Sustainable Aquatics. Our vast network of local coral growers allows us to bring in a huge variety of corals that were grown in captivity, and have acclimated to aquarium life. These animals have not endured the stress of shipping from overseas, and therefore have a higher rate of survival. Further, this helps support the local economy, generates income for some hobbyists, and generally builds a stronger reef keeping community in the area. We have created a special category on our website for locally grown coral frags whose mother colony’s have been in captivity for at least five years. See the Collector’s Cove for our ever growing selection.

To receive information about our fall Anniversary Sale and our spring Semi-Annual Sale, as well as other special offers, coupons and events, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter. We also offer a punch card for in-store livestock purchases. When you accumulate enough punches you receive a $50 livestock voucher.

Please remember our website and retail store operate individually and prices and availability may vary. Further, other than WYSIWYG areas, our website is not a live inventory, but rather a representation of what is either in stock, or available with a few days notice. Many items are also shipped directly from our suppliers.