Leopard Wrasse

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The Leopard Wrasse (Macropharyngodon meleagris) is a reef safe fish that can be kept with other mild mannered Wrasses and is not usually aggressive towards other fish. They can be challenging to keep and often spend the first week or two getting used to the new day/night cycle. It is best kept in a trio. All juveniles show female coloration (seen in our photo). Male coloration will develop as boys mature and is more of an orange/red background with green mottling. Leopard Wrasses need a 90+ gallon, mature aquarium with ample rock work and sand for them to bury in. They require a tight fitting lid as most Wrasses are prone to jumping. This fish does not bother corals or most invertebrates. Leopard Wrasses should be fed a diet consisting of meaty foods like mysis, brine, LRS, & Rods, as well as pellets or flakes. Max size is around 6".