By completing this purchase you agree to the following terms and conditions. Barrier Reef ships out M-W. We will contact you to arrange your arrival date. Our Livestock Guarantee only applies if you accept your shipment during the first attempted delivery. Please track your shipments so that you can be present when it arrives. We also require your billing address to match your shipping address. If they do not, we will contact you and require proof of identification that matches the name on your credit card, along with a signed credit card authorization form.
We guarantee that your livestock purchases will arrive alive and healthy. We will not guarantee your purchase if you are not present to accept it during the first attempted delivery. Claims must be made by phone or email and be accompanied by a digital photo of the expired animal in the original bag. We will accept DOA claims up to 24 hours after delivery. (Meaning you have 1 day to let us know the animal arrived dead) Should your request for credit be approved, we will apply a credit for the price paid for the animal to your next order. Shipping costs will not be refunded. The purchaser must agree and abide by the terms and conditions laid out before each purchase is made. These include: Protecting your shipment from extreme weather, receiving and acclimating your shipment promptly according to our acclimation instructions, maintaining correct water chemistry, researching your prospective purchases and understanding their care requirements, and preventing extra stress on newly acclimated livestock by controlling aggressive tank mates. Please direct all claims to:

General Merchandise-
We do not accept returns/exchanges on any item once it has been opened. Dry goods are warranted by their manufacturer's warranty against defective merchandise. If your product is not functioning properly, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-425-277-7670 as soon as possible (but not later than 30 days from purchase). In most instances, we can assist you in diagnosing and resolving your product problems. In the rare occurrence that the product is defective, we will replace it with an even exchange of the same item, subject to in-stock availability and the manufacturer's policy. Damaged items sent back to Barrier Reef will be sent to the manufacturer for evaluation and inspection. Replacement items ship the same day the manufacturer approves a replacement. Products designated as “all sales final”, “no returns” or similar language may not be returned and warranty claims require direct contact with the manufacturer of the product. Some manufacturers will not allow us to honor their warranties and require the purchaser to deal directly with their customer service department. We can assist you in these dealings and appreciate feedback on the customer service provided by these companies. Please direct all customer support feedback to: