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We strive to provide an inviting showroom with a friendly, low pressure atmosphere. Our goal is to educate each customer, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their saltwater aquarium. One of our key focuses is supporting local, and worldwide aquaculture, as a means to preserve wild reefs, and support the local economy and hobbyist community.

Whenever possible we purchase captive bred coral frags and fish from local hobbyists, and businesses like ORA, ECC, ACI, and Sustainable Aquatics. Our vast network of local coral growers allows us to bring in a huge variety of corals that were grown in captivity, and have acclimated to aquarium life. These animals have not endured the stress of shipping from overseas, and therefore have a higher rate of survival. Further, this helps support the local economy, generates income for some hobbyists, and generally builds a stronger reef keeping community in the area.

Barrier Reef offers a livestock punch card loyalty program. For every $50 (before tax) in non-discounted livestock you buy, we will punch your card. After nine punches, the card becomes a $50 voucher towards livestock.  Purchases with returns, credits, or other livestock discounts do not count.

We also offer 10% off livestock to Greater Seattle Aquarium Society and Pacific Northwest Aquarium Society card carrying club members, Fire and Police, and current or ex-military. Please be prepared to show your card or appropriate identification. This discount cannot be combined with our punch card.

Our brick and mortar location can be found by taking Exit 7 off of 405. We are hidden behind McDonalds and Denti Bella Dentistry. 1717 NE 44th Street Behind Suite A in Renton, Washington 98056. We receive new shipments of fresh and saltwater animals weekly. We post these lists on our Facebook page.

Open 12-7 Wed - Fri & 10-7 Sat - Sun

Closed Monday & Tuesday

Open some holiday Mondays.