Seattle's premier aquarium maintenance, design, and servicing company serving the greater Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett, and Issaquah areas since 1998. Now offering our services in Nanaimo, BC as well! Please contact us for a quote.

Barrier Reef Aquariums is a full service company dedicated to providing you with a beautiful, relaxing piece of living art. We specialize in freshwater planted and living reef aquariums. We will design your custom aquarium system, and work hand in hand with your contractor, or designer, to ensure a seamless transition into your home or business. We will then create a maintenance program that caters to your individual needs and budget. The goal of the service plan is to minimize the burden aquarium ownership usually involves. We recommend bi-weekly to weekly options so that you can spend more time enjoying your aquarium. Our technicians are friendly, professional individuals who will manage your aquarium with integrity.

Should emergencies arise we are available 24hrs a day. We also guarantee our work and livestock. Plumbing and installations are guaranteed for 30 days. Livestock is covered for up to seven days as long as certain conditions are met.
Our servicing territory includes Seattle and the Greater Eastside. We travel as far north as Everett and as far south as Fife. Special accommodations will be considered. We also service Nanaimo, BC.

One thing which sets Barrier Reef Aquariums apart is that we does not require long-term contracts. There is no obligation to use our services should your circumstances change. We also use our own purified RO/DI water for every water change. This ensures no undesirable nutrients or metals are added during a cleaning. Choosing Barrier Reef Aquariums for your aquarium servicing needs provides you with the peace of mind that your fish, and other aquarium livestock are well cared for.

Services Included in Maintenance Visits and Features:
Cleaning of all viewing surfaces and decorations
Livestock inspection and health check
Water chemistry check and log
10-30% water change monthly (RO/DI)
Gravel Vacuum as needed
Equipment maintenance and cleaning
Livestock/Supply delivery
Weekly to biweekly visits with flexible or regular scheduling
Livestock guarantee – 7 days
24/7 Emergency service (Billed extra)

Other Services Available:
On-site or phone consultation
Complete system design and installation
Aquarium moves