Borbonius Blotchy Anthias

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The Blotched, Blotchy, or Borbonius Anthias (Odontanthias borbonius), is a coral safe fish that should be kept singly. Juveniles will get along, but as they mature they begin to display aggression amongst their own kind. Borbonius Anthias do best in a 125+ gallon aquarium and prefer dimmer lighting while they acclimate to aquarium life. Once adjusted, the bright LED light settings we use for our corals are fine. Anthias require plenty of space to swim around, but some rock to provide hiding places is beneficial. The seasonality and dangerous, labor intensive nature of catching this fish, are reflected in it's price. Anthias are planktivores and require multiple, daily feedings of mysis shrimp, enriched brine shrimp, flakes, pellets, and other smaller meaty foods. A refugium producing copepods and amphipods will also help supplement their diet. Max size is around 6". Shipping size is medium (roughly 2.5" - 3").

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