Bumble Bee Snail

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The Bumble Bee Snail prefers to consume foods off of live rock and sand beds. It is a very useful cleaner because it is a smaller snail and can navigate smaller spaces and scavenge in areas most snails cannot reach. Like other invertebrates, the Bumble Bee Snail is sensitive to copper-based medications, high nitrate levels, and even the slightest fluctuation in water parameters.

While peaceful, keep in mind that the Bumble Bee Snail is a carnivore. If there is insufficient food, the Bumble Bee Snail may feed on other snails in your aquarium or indiscriminately consume polychaetes whether beneficial or the more troublesome bristleworm. In well-established systems, most Bumble Bee Snails do not require supplemental feeding. If you suspect there is not enough food available, supplement their diet with offerings of meaty foods, including finely chopped brine or mysis shrimp and frozen meaty foods.

There are no distinguishing characteristics between Bumble Bee Snail sexes.