Captive Bred DaVinci/Gladiator Ocellaris Clown

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Originally discovered and named by legendary breeder Bill Addison, our fish follow his genetic blueprints. Elegantly smooth lines curve over a bright orange body to form a remarkable designer clownfish variety with the ORA premium level of quality. These fish are also known as DaVinci or Fancy Clownfish.

ORA Gladiators are available in two grades: Gladiator and Premium Gladiator.

A Gladiator will have anywhere from one to three unique markings that differentiate the fish from a wild-type Ocellaris.  These markings may be stripes that connect two of the three white bands, isolated white spots between the bands, swooshes of white pattern, hazy white markings sometimes referred to as “Nebula” or “Smudgy” patterns, or the fish may have a white belly that is reminiscent of countershading.  The pattern may or may not be symmetrical on both sides of the fish.