Captive Bred Wyoming Ocellaris Clown

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The Wyoming White is a snowy white variety of Amphiprion ocellaris. They are the result of breeding two Gladiator clownfish together.  Wyoming Whites are similar in appearance to the Platinum variety of A. percula, which is the result of breeding two Picasso clownfish together.  The Wyoming White differs from the Platinum in that it will have a pigmented iris, darker red coloration on the face and fins and typically lacks pigment in the dorsal fin.  If you have a very good eye, you can also see that Wyoming Whites have a total of 11 dorsal spines compared to the Platinum's 10. ORA's Wyoming Whites are descendants of our Gladiator production which started with one fish 10 years ago.  The Gladiator and Wyoming White names were both coined by Bill Addison from C-Quest in Puerto Rico.  Prior to owning C-Quest Bill owned Uranium and Wyoming White Marble mines!