Blue iQuatics Indo Reef Replica Box D (6 pcs.)

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Box D contains pieces #6, 24, 27, 30, 32, and 35.

These calcium carbonate based rocks are crafted using molds made from some of the finest pieces of live rock found on actual living reefs. Each piece is then hand painted using a safe, non-toxic paint to give it a unique appearance. We have been using them in our store's display since 2022, and in our servicing accounts for many years before that. We absolutely love this product. It is very porous and easily processes ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates. We have not found a superior rock product.

Please Note: Because of the fragile nature of this rock, it is possible for the rock to break during transport. We do our best to package the rock sufficiently to minimize damages. Rock is not insurable and we are unable to replace or refund damaged pieces. If desired, multiple pieces of rock can be reattached using aquarium glue or epoxy.