Dragonface Pipefish

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The Dragon Pipe (Corythoichthys sp.) should only be purchased by experienced hobbyists who are familiar with its care requirements. These fish are reef safe and very peaceful. They can be kept together along with other shy, peaceful fish. Dragon Pipefish may need to be fed live copepods, or baby brine, when they are first introduced. They often begin to take prepared foods like frozen cyclops, PE Calanus, and tiny bits of frozen mysis. Many hobbyists add them to their reef aquariums to eat Red Bugs off Acropora coral. Keep in mind that if they do not find enough copepods, they will eventually need to compete with your existing fish, and this is difficult for them to do, similar to a Seahorse. Dragon Pipes should be kept in a 50+ gallon aquarium. They can be harmed by anemones, corals with powerful stings, and larger crabs and shrimp. Max size is around 7".