Flame Scallop

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Flame Scallops will make a  home of small rocks and pieces of coral in which it embeds itself. It is common for them to attach to rocks in the back of the reef aquarium. When threatened, it will try to  escape by clapping its valves together, propelling it through the water, with assistance from its tentacles. They are very peaceful, and can be kept in groups. Triggers, Puffers, some Angels/Butterflies and large Wrasses will eat Flame Scallops immediately. It is a filter feeder, and requires floating micro-plankton to be kept alive in the aquarium, and will do best in a mature reef aquarium system. It also needs proper calcium levels and alkalinity. Scallops are very sensitive to elevated Nitrates and Copper.

The flame scallop is non-photosynthetic and requires supplementation with phytoplankton, and organic foods like Marine Snow, to be provided by using a small pipette to dispense the food upstream of its location. Each Red Flame Scallop needs to be fed individually.