Illumagic Pixel

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Style: Reefer

Select your Pixel and select your Power Supply

A spectrum for everyone. A use case for anyone. The same silicone lenses that come with a lifetime warranty. 

    Designed for versatility. The perfect circle, with a diameter of only 10.5cm" and paper thin at 2.7cm. Slide the Pixel along your rail system and more units as your aquariums or corals grow bigger. Rail Sliders Included!

    Choose between 3 spectrums, REEFER (balanced), AQUASCAPER (freshwater) and FRAGGER (super blues).

    • Burnt lenses hurt PAR massively. Illumagic lenses never burn, lifetime guarantee. Zero par loss due to lenses forever, and that's huge
    • Excess watts are priced at a diminishing return. Why pay for heat? Illumagic is the coolest (and we don't mean hip) lighting system on the market
    • Unusable colors that you turn down anyway are all contributing to excess watts that you'll never use. The Illumagic spectrum is perfectly chosen for minimal watts wastage due to unused spectrums
    • Not all watts are created equal. Be smart, choose the most efficient watts especially in this current economic and energy scarce climate


    • You're not getting wifi
    • You're not getting fancy colorful packaging
    • You're not even getting a timer


    • You're getting huge PAR (more below)
    • You're getting a perfectly balanced, zero-waste spectrum
    • You're getting a lifetime warranty on lenses
    • Free rail sliders with every Pixel
    • You're getting a massive 2-year warranty
    • You're getting an LED lighting system with under 5% energy loss to heat where the rest of the competition is shortchanging you with over 20% of wasted energy
    • Select how many Pixel's you need. Don't worry, you can add more later 
    • Choose the Power Supply for now or for future requirements. For example, less Pixels can run on larger power supplies such as a Quad Power supply can run 1, 2 3 or 4 Pixels. 
    • Decide if you want to slide them onto rails or rear mount them individually. Rail sliders are supplied free with every Pixel