Illumagic X4 LED Light

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Style: Reefer Pro

Endless features, everything automated.

Upgrade your aquarium lighting experience with the enhanced Illumagic LED system. This powerful and versatile lighting solution now boasts a sleek, streamlined design that adds a touch of elegance to any setup. The new update introduces a stylish housing that not only enhances the aesthetics but also acts as an efficient heat sink. With cloud control capabilities on the Dalua Ecosystem app, you can conveniently manage your aquarium's lighting from anywhere in the world. Enjoy the same flexibility of removable lenses and spectrums, but now with a redesigned Reefer-Pro spectrum that includes deeper blue actinic lighting and the unmatched Illumagic-style UV. Say goodbye to burn issues and experience maximum lens clarity. Whether you want to enhance your aquarium or share it with friends, the cloud control feature makes it easy. Plus, with the Dalua Ecosystem app, connecting multiple X4s, aquariums, and groups is a breeze, offering limitless possibilities for your multiple aquarium setups.


Massive UV and deepest blues

Experience the ultimate coral viewing experience with our most detailed LED lighting system yet. Our Reefer Pro spectrum is designed to provide the widest range of colors, including intense UV and deep blues, allowing your corals to thrive. This spectrum enhances the vibrant textures of your corals and improves fish clarity, but it also has up to 35% less heat loss than other brands and reduces your energy consumption, even at higher brightness levels. Get ready to elevate your aquarium and enjoy stunning visuals while saving on energy costs.

24 hours of Reef-Realism

No need to plot the same endless time points each day. With Reef Realism, your device automatically downloads over 1,000 data points that perfectly replicate the ever-changing weather conditions your corals and plants experience each day. Data is downloaded from a weather station located on 10 of the world's most famous reefs. 

Snap pics and change spectrum seamlessly without disrupting your perfect schedule. A massive time saver for the avid coral collector, at-home fragger, store owner, or hobbyist.

3 Perfected Spectrums
Choose between 3 different spectrums Reefer-Pro (perfect for a reef aquarium), Fragger (designed to maximimize frag color during grow out) and Aquascaper (freshwater planted). Swap them out in the future as your aquarium needs change. 

The LED Control Room
Every aquarium you own is just a touch away. Share access to your aquariums. Help your staff or clients control theirs. Perfect for stores, staff and maintenance Rely on no one person, grant and deny access instantly.

Trust the PAR numbers
Uniform PAR distribution is no longer a mystery. Add or remove as many X4s as needed to achieve your desired PAR. 1 X4 is perfect for lighting 60cm squared. 

Lifetime Warranty DBR Lenses
LIFETIME WARRANTY. Introducing the DBR (Diffusion by refraction) lens. Made from silicone. Never burn. Never fade. Perfect color blend and maximum light emission

DALUA Public Schedules
Community-driven competitions within the DALUA ECOSYSTEM app with “Tank of the Month”. Get your tank shared globally.

Key Features

Massive UV and deepest blues

24 hours of reef realism

WYSIWYG camera mode

Dalua ecosystem server access

DBR lens, lifetime warranty

LED control room global access and sharing


Dimensions - 9.6" x 9.6" x 1.49"

Power Consumption - 120W @ max output

Power Cable Length - 10ft

What’s in the box:

1 x Illumagic X4
1 x Power cord
1 x Meanwell power supply

Check out the Dalua Ecosystem App