Nuvo Roller Manual Fleece AIO Filter (Desktop)

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Nuvo Roller - Manual Fleece AIO Filter

Keep your aquarium crystal clear without the hassle of cleaning or changing filter socks. Introducing the Innovative Marine Nuvo Roller. The first Innovative Marine manual fleece AIO filter.

No more taking out a dripping filter sock, walking it over to the sink and spraying it out. All that waste from your aquarium splatters in and around your sink... now your aquarium is clean but your sink is just as dirty. That stops today.

With a few simple flicks of the wrist, you have just changed out your 200 micron filter media, taking all the waste out of your tank.

Designed to fit a protein skimmer in the next compartment, and equipped with roller holders for easy replacement, and multiple outlets at different levels to prevent overflowing... this filter roller was made to make your life Simple, Clean, and Easy.

Simple - Drop In and Turn. Fits in the first compartment of your Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion AIO Aquarium. Choose when and how much filter fleece you need. No more filter sock cleaning or changing.

Clean - Instead of just one filter sock, you get an entire roll of 200 micron fleece filter material to keep your aquarium running crystal clear.

- Accommodated to fit a NUVO protein skimmer in the next compartment. Designed with side roll holders and an inner pull out tray for easy roller replacement. Multiple outlets at different levels to prevent overflowing.


*Note - This fleece filter roller model is manual.