ORA Mind Trick Montipora

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Mind Trick Montipora is considered one of the most spectacular Montipora varieties in the hobby. Its sea green body color is accentuated by an intense violet growth edge and hot red polyps. The Mind Trick Monti grows in an encrusting form until it reaches the edge of the rock where it will begin to plate out horizontally. We have been growing this exceptional coral in our greenhouse since 2009 when we obtained a single fragment from a local hobbyist. This thick bodied Montipora grows slower than your average thin plating Montipora but we still consider it to be a pretty fast grower.

If you were wondering what happened to the first word in the name of this familiar coral please allow us to explain.  As a prominent company we have always been careful to be respectful of intellectual property and avoid trademark infringement while creating “trade names” for corals or fish.  This was the first case where we had a coral strain with a well established name we couldn’t legally use. We tried to keep the name as intact as possible to avoid creating too much confusion, we hope you understand.

Frags will be approximately 1.5 inches and will come attached to a cement aragonite disk.

Placement: Middle – Top

Lighting: Medium – High

Flow: Moderate – Strong