ORA Orange Montipora Setosa

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We source this beautiful branching Monti from ORA and local aquaculture. It’s not a commonly shared fact, but many years ago we sent ORA some of their starter pieces of this coral.

The ORAnge Setosa is an awesome Montiporaspecies with a rather unique growth form among SPS corals. This coral is famous for its intense orange coloration but it can appear pink when placed under very intense lighting. As the ORAnge Setosa colony grows, it forms an undulating encrusted base and branches that eventually fuse together before branching again. Mature colonies often have extremely unusual shapes and it seems that no two colonies are ever the same. Compared to other Montipora species, the ORAnge Setosa has very few polyps however they give the otherwise smooth surface a delicate texture. The ORAnge Setosa is a relatively slow grower, but we have found it to be hardy and tolerant of a wide range of lighting and flow conditions.

Placement: Bottom – Middle

Lighting: Medium – High

Flow: Low – Moderate