ORA Sprung's Stunner Chalice

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Sprung’s Stunner is an extremely fast growing Echinopora lamellosa that has a purple base and bright green polyps. We acquired our original piece from Julian Sprung when he was breaking down an outdoor aquarium. It is an extremely hardy and fast growing coral that is tolerant of low-light conditions. Like most LPS, care must be taken when choosing the placement location in your tank as when the lights go out the sweeper tentacles come out!

This coral looks nearly identical to the Hollywood Stunner Echinopora that has been around for some time now. We couldn’t trace the lineage of this coral back to a piece of Hollywood Stunner which left us unsure of what to name it. For the first time ever we reached out to our Friends and Fans on Facebook for their advice. With a total of 50 votes, the name Sprung’s Stunner was chosen.

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Placement: Bottom – Middle

Lighting: Low – High

Flow: Moderate – Strong