Pink Spotted Watchman Goby

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The Pink Spotted Watchman Goby (Cryptocentrus leptocephalus), also known as the Pink & Blue Spotted Goby, is a peaceful, hardy fish that should be housed in a 25+ gallon tank with a sandy bottom and plenty of caves. They will use bits of rubble to help them build a burrow in the sand. If present, these Gobies will form a symbiotic relationship with certain Pistol Snapping Shrimp. The Goby, using its superior vision, watches for potential threats and warms the shrimp if it needs to retreat into the burrow. The shrimp builds and maintains the burrow. Pink Spotted Gobies are found singly or in pairs in the wild. They do not usually fight with other fish but may not get along with others of their species. They will not nip at corals, and should be offered mysis and brine shrimp, pellet, and other prepared foods to supplement their diet. They are also "jumpers" so a tight fitting lid is a must. These fish reach a maximum size of roughly 4".