PNW Custom Small-In-One | One Gallon Desktop Aquarium

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Color: White



  • 8in x 6in x 6in


  • Display Tank

  • Filtration Compartment

  • 3 Stage Media Basket


  • 10W LED Light

  • Adjustable Light Mount & Light Casing in Black/White

  • 50GPH Return Pump

  • Polycarbonate Display Lid

  • Laser Cut Filtration Lid in Black/White

At only 8 inches by 6 inches, this aquarium has the ideal footprint for any small space without compromising on room for corals and inverts. The cube shape is perfect for a wide variety of creative microscapes, and the all-in-one style filtration has a familiar, yet improved function. You'll find plenty of space for filter media and ease of working room, combined with a sleek and modern design. This aquarium comes with all the basics to you need to get started. Additional accessories available.

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