Red Sea ReefCan Reef Reservoirs | Pre-Order

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Size: 18

Pickup available at 1717 NE 44th Street Suite A

Usually ready in 2-4 days

Expected in early April 2024.

The ReefCan 18 and ReefCan 40 can supply the ATO of a 50-gal or 130-gal tank with enough RO water for about a week. They fit in the sump cabinet or behind the tank, can be refilled without having to remove the reservoir and disconnect its tubes & cables, and have a transparent plastic body with an embedded water scale that allows you to see how much RO water is left

ReefCan features:

  • Slim & tall design that holds more RO water while taking up less floor space
  • Separate openings for the ATO pump cables and water refills 
  • Transparent plastic body with an embedded water scale