ReefDose Tube Set (4-Color) - Blue/Green

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The ReefDose Deluxe 4-Color Tubing Set features color-coded tubing perfect for keeping your doser additive lines separate and easy to identify. If you are dosing a variety of additives such as calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, trace elements, and maybe a nutrient supplement like Reef Energy Plus, it can quickly turn into a confusing mess of dosing lines, and it's important to keep different additives separate to avoid cross-contamination. With a total of eight color variations between the two sets, you'll have no trouble telling your additive lines apart. Each set includes 10 feet of each of four colors, giving you a good amount to cover typical dosing setup configurations, and the air-resistant TPE tubing has been selected for a long service life when dosing common reef additives.

What’s Included?

  • 4x Air-resistant TPE colored tubes (10 ft each)