ReefHD Reef Flux Fluconazole Treatment

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Reef Flux is an aquarium fluconazole treatment that is effective against fungal fish infections such as Ichthyophonus hoferi and Saprolegnia. It is also very effective at killing bryopsis and some types of hair algae. Use only as directed.

Directions: Turn off skimmer for first 3 days, and remove activated carbon and any chemical filtration such as Purigen for the duration of treatment. GFO and Phosban can remain in place since the media only removes phosphates. Empty 1 capsule for every 10 gallons of tank size (ie 10 capsules in a 100 gallon tank regardless of rock volume) into a glass of tank water, stir, and then add to high flow area in the sump. The powder will not dissolve in the glass since fluconazole dissolves very slowly in water, and it will dissolve over the course of a day or two in your sump. Do not mix for longer than a quick stir in a glass before adding to the sump. After 21 days (3 weeks) perform a minimum 30% water change. Filter socks are recommended during treatment in order to help clean the aquarium. If treating for algae please clean your overflow box teeth, filter pads and socks frequently as the algae will start melting and clog these areas.

Only for use on ornamental aquariums and fish. Not for human use and not for treating fish intended for human consumption. Keep away from children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. In case of accidental tank overdose, the medication can be removed using Purigen. This product will kill refugium macroalgaes.

Contents: 10 Capsules

Active Ingredient: Fluconazole 200mg per capsule.