PNW Custom Acrylic Micro Aquarium & Other Acrylic Reef Accessories

Written by: Cy Forell


PNW Custom Acrylic Reef Aquarium Products

The PNW Custom Micro Reef-Ready Aquarium and other acrylic accessories take miniaturization and style to the highest level. Imagine a complete reef aquarium, including LED light, stand, sump, pump, and other accessories in a tiny package that fits in the palm of your hand! Sleek two-tone frags racks, frag stands, and mushroom & anemone boxes round out PNW Custom's product line.

PNW Custom Micro Reef-Ready Aquarium

We all need a fully functional reef aquarium that holds under one gallon and can be held in the palm of your hand. PNW Custom has accomplished this with their Micro Reef-Ready Aquarium. By miniaturizing everything from the aquarium, stand, and sump, they have made it possible to own a 40oz reef aquarium. A beautiful LED fixture and tiny pump round out the equipment that is included in the base price of only $169. Other accessories include a tiny heater, temperature probe, cooling system, and ATO with reservoir. The PNW Custom Micro Reef-Ready Aquarium is available in white or black.

PNW Custom Small-In-One
PNW Custom Frag Stands

PNW Custom Frag Racks, Mushroom Boxes, and Anemone Boxes

PNW Custom also manufactures acrylic frag racks, mushroom boxes, and anemone boxes. From magnetic frag racks, to pocket stands, and full size frag trays, PNW Custom has reef aquarists who grow coral fragments covered. There is a size and mounting style for every application and space limitation. The Pop Stand is a perfect way to draw attention to your favorite coral.

PNW Custom's Mushroom and Anemone Boxes are perfect for isolating corals and anemones to keep them safe from tank inhabitants who may have started nipping them. They also provide a safe space, away from too much water flow, for coral fragments to attach to substrate or frag plugs. Barrier Reef Aquariums offers the complete PNW Custom product line here.

Check out queen of reef as she adds her first corals to her PNW Custom Micro Reef-Ready Aquarium.